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KSM Dry Cleaners replace 28-year-old dry cleaning machine with Wet Cleaning system

KSM Dry Cleaners, a leading dry cleaner in Doncaster, have recently replaced their 28-year-old dry cleaning machine with an Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Wet Cleaning system, supplied and installed by Renzacci UK.

KSM Dry Cleaners found their 20kg dry cleaning machine to be incredibly expensive to operate and maintain and were keen to replace their system for something just as reliable, but cheaper to run whilst still offering the same high-level cleaning quality. Our Business Development Director, Andrew Lambert, recommended the Lagoon Advanced Care 20kg pair.

The business owner of KSM Dry Cleaners, Asuquo Asuquo, was seriously impressed by the system’s ability to process more loads per day, clean both traditional laundry items and ‘dry clean only’ garments in the same machine, as well as its environmentally-friendly credentials. There are currently no other dry cleaners in the Doncaster area who offer eco-friendly cleaning, which has given them a real competitive edge.

Following the installation, Michael J Michael, Technical Sales Manager and Master Lagooner at Renzacci UK, ran a complimentary 3-day training session to ensure that the KSM Dry Cleaners staff members were fully at ease with the machine’s capabilities. 

“KSM Dry Cleaners are absolutely delighted with their new Wet Cleaning system and can’t believe they didn’t take the plunge earlier. As their old dry cleaning machine was proving to be an expensive asset, we needed to ensure that our recommendation would be cost-effective in the long run. Electrolux’s Wet Cleaning solution was the perfect fit”, said Andrew Lambert (Business Development Director, Renzacci UK).

“Compared to their old dry cleaning machine, their new Lagoon system is far cheaper to run and can process more loads per day, which will actually generate them more revenue. Asuquo can even process duvets and other large items in the system, which is fantastic”, added Michael (Technical Sales Manager, Renzacci UK).

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to replace your old dry cleaning machine, contact the Renzacci UK team on 020 8579 2661 for a Wet Cleaning demo or click here to find out more about our Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning systems.

Renzacci UK partner with UK Fashion & Textile Association


Renzacci UK have partnered with UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT), enabling companies purchasing a new Wet Cleaning system to receive free UKFT membership for 12 months.

The agreement gives eligible businesses access to a number of member benefits, including free business advice & support, networking opportunities, marketing support, access to annual events & seminars, training, masterclasses and insights on the latest developments in chemical and solvent management.

UKFT took the responsibility for championing the dry cleaning, Wet Cleaning and high street laundry services from its federated member, the Textile Services Association (TSA), in 2018. It is the UK representative for GINETEX care labelling symbols and also sits on various BSI/ISO committees, which impact the entire sector.

The association also acts as a voice between government and industry and represents the sector in areas including the Sustainability in Textile Care Committee and the Minimisation of Plastics in Textiles.

Martin Jenkins, UKFT Project Manager, said: “We are delighted to partner with Renzacci UK to ensure companies purchasing a new wet cleaning system have access to the most up-to-date industry information and our extensive range of member services, including the representation for complaint and dispute resolutions, the industry Code of Practice and Fair Compensation Guide.

“This agreement is part of UKFT’s commitment to creating the right environment for the garment and textile care industry to thrive and we look forward to welcoming new companies into our network.”

Jason Alexander, Managing Director of Renzacci UK, said: “Partnering with UKFT is just another reason why dry cleaners and laundries should opt for a Wet Cleaning system from Renzacci UK. By becoming a UKFT member and appointing Renzacci UK as their Wet Cleaning supplier, the support they’ll receive from both sides is endless and will open the door to numerous business opportunities for them, including marketing promotion, access to funding and skills development.”

Renzacci UK gets the show on the road for Palace Theatre in London

Renzacci UK were appointed by Palace Theatre, London, to install a series of Wet Cleaning machines and finishing equipment into their laundry department, which would be used to clean cast costumes for sell-out shows.

Initially, after every show, Renzacci UK were required to collect the cast’s costumes, transport them back to their showroom facility in Feltham, and clean each one using Electrolux’s Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning system. This was followed by a high quality finishing process to each garment, using Pony’s range of best-in-class finishing equipment, ready for the next performance.

Palace Theatre were so impressed with the cleaning quality of the garments and were keen to process costumes in house, therefore, they decided to order a Lagoon Advanced Care Essential Wet Cleaning Set and Pony’s Finishing machines, to take back control of their cleaning.

Costumes for the performing arts industry use a extremely diverse range of textiles, including wool, linen, chiffon, lace and more, so it was important to Palace Theatre that the system was capable of processing delicate garments. Renzacci UK suggested the Electrolux’s solvent-free Wet Cleaning system, complemented by Pony finishing machines for the perfect balance to ensure a beautifully-finished garment every time, ready for the next performance.

Prior to the installation, Renzacci UK's team had to dismantle the machines into compartments to allow them to be transported up two flights of stairs, then they reassembled them on site. 

Our very own Michael J Michael, Renzacci UK Technical Sales Manager and Master Lagooner, also ran a complimentary 3-day training session to ensure the theatre staff were confident operating the machines.

Michael J Michael said, "This project was a really exciting one for us. Initially we were responsible for the cleaning of cast costumes, but having explored the cost-savings and environmental benefits of bringing their laundry in-house, it was a no-brainer for them to proceed”.

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