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Pony launch new shirt machine at Expo Detergo 2018

Renzacci UK attended the Expo Detergo 2018 trade show in Milan to witness the launch of the new Pony KITE machine.

The Pony KITE machine series, available in both steam and electric versions, can be supplied with 3 different buck sizes, allowing garments ranging from large shirts to small blouses to be finished quickly and efficiently. Its ergonomically-designed features allow for a very fast rate of production and incorporate the HARS (Hot Air Recovery System), touch screen PLC, automatic shirt tensioning and new sleeves tensioning system, as well as being adjustable in height.  Utilising only 20kg of steam per hour to operate, it is a highly efficient machine, capable of producing 36 shirts or blouses per hour!

Check out some of the photos we took at the Expo Detergo 2018 trade show, which took place 19th- 22nd October 2018.



Renzacci UK’s continued sponsorship for Newbury RFC

Newbury Rugby Football Club

Renzacci UK are pleased to announce our ongoing support and sponsorship for the mini and junior teams at Newbury Rugby Football Club. We’ve been delighted to be able to support this wonderful club for over 7 years now. The club offers an outstanding youth rugby programme and is at the heart of the local community, attracting players from all walks of life from across the local area.

Renzacci UK are now sponsoring the U11s. They are an incredibly talented group of players and certainly a team to be reckoned with!

We wish all the teams at Newbury RFC a successful season!

Free Wet Cleaning open day for business owners

As the UK’s leading supplier and distributor of Lagoon Wet Cleaning machinery, we will be holding another Wet Cleaning open day at our Renzacci UK HQ on Sunday 30th September, free-of-charge for business owners.

The session will give attendees the opportunity to experience the remarkable technology first-hand, in a relaxed environment, in the company of the UK’s master Lagoon Advanced Care expert, Michael J Michael, who will also be on hand to answer all attendee’s questions.

The open day is being held on Sunday 30th September from 10am to approximately 1.30pm on site at Renzacci UK’s HQ, near Heathrow Airport, with lunch and refreshments provided throughout.

Attendees will be able to witness first-hand the benefits of Lagoon Wet Cleaning and have the opportunity to put the technology to the test by bringing their own garments in for testing. Lagoon Wet Cleaning is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for many dry cleaners and laundries throughout the UK; not only is it incredibly cost-effective, it has the capacity to do both traditionally laundry cleaning and ‘dry cleaning’ in the same machine.

During the open day, business owners will gain hands-on experience about how a Lagoon Wet Cleaning system can attract significant business savings and introduce an additional revenue stream to their business.

Spaces at the open day are limited, so early booking is advised. For the full event details and to secure your place, visit our event page here or alternatively phone Renzacci UK on 020 8579 2661 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..