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COVID-19: Update from Renzacci UK

Author: Jason Alexander, Managing Director

24 March 2020

Whilst launderettes and dry cleaners are classified as shops which are exempt from closure notice from the Government, we expect the vast majority of our clients to be shut. However, it is important to note how Renzacci UK will be helping you in dealing with these exceptional circumstances.

  • The main office will be closed but office-based staff will be working from home – all the office phones are remotely manned and we will be able to deal with technical and sales calls, as well as transferring calls to our colleagues around the UK.
  • Spare parts will be sent out periodically, but not on a same-day basis.
  • The large number of installations which we have booked in for the next 3 weeks will be rescheduled, so please expect a phone call from one of my team to organise a new date with you.
  • Engineering visits will be suspended to protect our staff and clients, but Free Telephone support will be available for clients who remain open or need help. Support can be either by telephone or video call and please call our main office number on 020 8579 2661 to arrange your support call.
  • We will be looking into webinars to allow some online training on Wet Cleaning during the next 3 weeks, as well as question and answer sessions for Wet Cleaning and other topics.

Most importantly, please stay safe, stay at home if possible and please follow the guidelines issued by the Government.

17 March 2020

With so much uncertainty, I can imagine that your individual business is facing unknown challenges and like us, are doing your best to continue to operate as normal.

The situation is changing at such a speed that by the time you read this, our Government may have issued new guidance that will directly affect our efforts. Nonetheless, I wanted to personally assure you of the precautions and actions we have in place to ensure we can continue to service and support your business.

  • We currently have 100% operational coverage.
  • We have instigated a deep clean process at our headquarters with continual cleansing.
  • We are enforcing the highest standards of personal hygiene, as advised by the WHO, Government and NHS.
  • Our technicians and client-facing employees in the field are fully equipped with sanitising products. We have also asked that they use any available hand wash facilities on site, as this is still considered to be the most effective means of reducing infection. Naturally, they are also briefed to follow any additional policies or procedures you have put in place.
  • We have reinforced our safety-first principles for all our employees and encouraged them to purchase whatever is necessary to ensure that their personal safety is maintained.
  • We have a higher-than-average stock of replacement equipment and parts.
  • In the interest of social distancing, where possible, office-based staff will be working remotely.
  • We are communicating regularly with our suppliers to keep on top of any impacts they are experiencing, so we can respond accordingly.
  • Where possible, we will be holding meetings using video conferencing.

Renzacci UK will continue to monitor advice offered by the NHS, Government and the WHO, to ensure we maintain the best practices.

I wish you and your families the very best wishes to stay safe and healthy in these uncertain times.

Warmest wishes,

Jason Alexander
Managing Director

Bvlgari Hotel set to go with new laundry operation

The prestigious 5-star Bvlgari Hotel, set in the heart of London’s Knightsbridge, has replaced their old, costly laundry and dry cleaning machinery with two state of the art Electrolux Professional Heat Pump Dryers and two Electrolux Professional Washers.

Electrolux Professional’s smart drying technology adjusts the temperature and spin motion to the fabric in the drum, helping to maintain the quality of garments. Compared to other conventional dryers, the system dries garments at nearly half the temperature, preserving energy, saving costs and, most importantly, making sure the garments are never exposed to unnecessary heat. The system can even detect the humidity of each item in the load so that the garments are dried evenly throughout and protected from overheating, which for some conventional machines, can cause shrinkage.

Wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, Electrolux Professional’s washers were the perfect fit for Bvlgari Hotel. Compared to other manufacturers, Electrolux Professional’s washers boast the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption. Being such a fast-paced laundry operation, the hotel was wowed by the system’s easy-to-use control system, wide door opening for a quick changeover and extremely fast processing times.

Keen to ensure the installation caused minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of the hotel, Renzacci UK arranged for the systems to be delivered and installed by their team of engineers before 6am. On top of this, Renzacci UK’s Technical Sales Manager, Michael Michael, ran a complimentary training session for the hotel’s housekeeping team.

Jason Alexander, Managing Director of Renzacci UK, led the installation from start to finish. He comments: “Getting systems installed out of usual working hours is not a problem for us. Although our team remain discrete in every installation we do, if a hotel is concerned about the disruption it could cause to their guests, we can certainly arrange for systems to go in during off-peak times.”
Jason continues: “Bvlgari Hotel’s existing machinery was very old, expensive to run and inefficient. We are confident that they’ll be ecstatic with Electrolux Professional’s new energy-efficient machines that are cheaper to run and can process far more loads per day.”

Looking to replace your laundry or dry cleaning machinery this year? Contact us on 020 8579 2661 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

David Warburton MP joins launch of Somerset’s first eco-friendly dry cleaners

David Warburton MP attended the launch of Somerset’s first environmentally-friendly dry cleaning system, at Somerton and Street Dry Cleaners in Somerton.

The revolutionary new system was installed by Renzacci UK. At the launch, Somerton Dry Cleaners owner Kate Underhill, together with Jason Alexander, managing director of Renzacci UK, introduced the new system to David Warburton MP and Somerton Councillors Dean Ruddle and Sue Pither.

An entirely eco-friendly system, Renzacci’s ‘Lagoon’ is not only chemical-free but offers significantly higher energy-efficiency than traditional machines. The system reduces energy by weighing the garments and auto-dosing accordingly, while the drier measures moisture and sets a precise drying time. An innovative dry cleaning process, ‘Lagoon’ is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for allergy and eczema sufferers and also babies and children.

Kate Underhill, owner of Somerton and Street Dry Cleaners, made the decision to switch to the ground-breaking new eco-friendly system when she was forced to replace her existing machines following a catastrophic fire in 2019.

David Warburton, Member of Parliament for Somerton and former businessman, said, “I was delighted to help launch this pioneering new system at Somerton Dry Cleaners, right here in my constituency. What Kate’s achieved following her decision to invest in and embrace an environmentally-friendly alternative to her traditional dry cleaning business demonstrates the incredible courage and vision of small enterprise here in Somerset. Other businesses should be inspired to explore ways of taking a more eco-friendly approach, and feel similarly proud to play their part in preserving our environment and adopting cleaner, greener alternatives.”

Kate Underhill said, “I could not have made a better move than to invest in the environmentally-friendly “Lagoon” system from Renzacci UK, and I’m immensely proud to be the Somerset’s first dry cleaning business to do so. The results are fabulous and I’m absolutely delighted with my decision! I’m equally delighted to be caring for the environment and achieving far better results than before, plus we no longer have to endure the daily chemical smell, I no longer need a permit to operate, there are no chemicals to dispose of and I no longer have to deal with the carcinogenic waste from the dry cleaning machine.”

“Our next step is to introduce bio-degradable plastic bags, clothes covers and stock a range of eco-friendly products for sale in the shop.”

Jason Alexander, managing director of Renzacci UK, added, “I am excited for Kate and her team at Somerton Dry Cleaners after the recent installation of their new Lagoon Wet Cleaning system, which is a more environmentally-friendly and effective way of cleaning garments. With more and more consumers becoming environmentally conscious when they consider where to spend their hard-earned money, Somerton Dry Cleaners has taken a big step ahead of their competition by allowing their customers to have an environmentally-clear conscience as well as beautifully clean clothing.”

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