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Wedding Dresses taken care of by Renzacci UK

At Renzacci UK, we take great pride in providing flexible dry and wet cleaning solutions that can tackle even the trickiest of garments. A wedding dress is the perfect example. The array of materials used on wedding dresses makes them one of the most difficult-to-clean items a dry cleaner can encounter, particularly when it comes to removing small stains and marks the dress has attracted during the ‘big day’.

However, our market-leading Lagoon Wet Cleaning solution makes cleaning wedding dresses a breeze. The washing and drying machines incorporate the ProV’tex function; which allows for a smart mechanical action, which is highly effective and ultra-delicate, enabling a higher filling factor compared to any other wet cleaning solution. You can see the results for yourself in the video below.

To show you how the process works with a wedding dress, watch our short video below.

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Love Laundry introduce Eco-Friendly Wet Cleaning into South Yorkshire


Online Ironing was started in 2015 by busy mum, Nic Ireland. Run off her feet managing a busy home, work and family life, Nic was contemplating tackling a particularly large pile of ironing one Sunday afternoon, when she had an epiphany. She realised she couldn’t be the only person despairing at the volume of ironing generated by their family.

A few months later, Online Ironing was born. Fast forward to October 2017 and Love Laundry was launched.

The Challenge:

The business initially started as a collection and delivery ironing service. Based out of Nic’s father-in-law’s shop in Barnsley, the business quickly grew and thoughts turned to developing it further.

Whilst flicking through a copy of Laundry and Cleaning Today, Nic saw a Renzacci advert introducing Electrolux’s industry-leading Lagoon wet cleaning solution. Unaware previously about the concept of wet cleaning, Nic did a lot of research and was keen to find out more.

She contacted Renzacci, and one of the team (Bob Baker) visited Nic in her workspace above her father-in-law’s shop. Explaining her plans to expand into wet cleaning, Bob talked Nic through the merits and how it could work for her business. However, on measuring up, it quickly became apparent that the current space would not be sufficient to house the necessary equipment.

The Solution:

After careful consideration, Nic and her family decided to bite the bullet and take on a newly-built industrial unit in Shepley. Once again, Bob visited, measured up the new unit and designed an equipment layout that would optimise the use of space and enable the efficient flow of garments through the laundry.

It was recommended that Nic introduce the following:

  • Electrolux Lagoon Advance W5180H Electric Washer
  • Electrolux Lagoon Advance T5350 D2D Dryer Electric
  • Pony Formplus-S Garment Former with A/S Iron
  • Pony MPT-D Trouser Topper
  • Pony Genus SV Finishing Table
  • Pony Jolly Cold Spotting Table
  • Pony GE50 Boiler with Feed & Condense Tank
  • Hawo HP630KST Bagging Machine

The Lagoon wet cleaning solution from Electrolux is best-in-class and was chosen by Nic because she wanted a system that would not compromise on cleaning quality, was good for the clothes, good for the environment and good for the workers using the equipment.

The Lagoon system fitted the bill perfectly.

In addition, the geographic area the business covers is fairly affluent. Much of the target audience cites environmental factors as a key driver in determining their purchasing behaviour, so Nic felt the eco-friendly nature of wet cleaning would really appeal to her existing and potential customers.

Renzacci meticulously managed the project from start to finish. From Bob’s first visits to capture Nic’s vision and define a proposal that was affordable and the engineers that came to install the equipment stress-free, to the efficient commissioning of the machines and the ongoing step-by-step training.

The Outcome:

It has been 6 weeks now since Love Laundry opened. Beautifully branded to reflect the eco-credentials of the wet cleaning process, the new facility is a pleasure for customers to visit. “With nothing in the area like this” Nic says “Business has been non-stop. We’ve started picking up a lot of holiday let work particularly”.

It is also clear that the environmentally-friendly nature of the wet cleaning process is attracting considerable interest.

As an example, Nic stated “One ironing customer, whose family suffer from allergies was delighted to learn about wet cleaning and will be 100% using us going forward.”

The future is rosy for Love Laundry and Renzacci are alongside her ever step of the way.

“Renzacci have been fantastic. Bob was brilliant and so helpful. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training invaluable. Even now, 6 weeks later, he is still on hand whenever I need him” Nic said.

 To find out more about Wet Cleaning and whether it is right for your business, contact Renzacci on 020 8579 2661, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Case Study - Serena Dry Cleaners

Quality control and easy financing was one of the main attractions for Mr Amanullah Khaliqdinsa from Serena Dry cleaners in Surrey when investing in a shirt machine from Renzacci UK PLC.

“Previously we had been outsourcing all our shirts but were unhappy with quality of cleaning we were getting back. With the help from Renzacci we were able to bring the service in house and keep a tighter control on the quality leaving the shop.

I love my Pony Angel and although we have only been up and running for 2 months, I am seeing an impact on my bottom line already. We are now able to get a superior clean and pristine finish on shirts and both me, and my customers are over the moon.

I am now also starting to take in work from other drycleaners and am easily looking to increase productivity and revenue by an additional 20% in the next few months.

We decided to go with Renzacci UK because they were able to offer me the best finance terms when compared to other suppliers as well as the best shirt machine I had seen after reviewing other makes.

Renzacci UK have been really friendly and professional and I have been so impressed that I will be looking to develop my business further with them over the next 2 years.”


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