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Alternative Solvent Machines

Renzacci were the first to develop the modern Hydrocarbon drycleaning machine, and as such, have a great amount of experience in utilising Hydrocarbon and alternative solvents for dry cleaning .  Renzacci alternative solvent drycleaning machines are the best in the world - by far.

Based upon this experience, Renzacci offer their latest range of Hydrocarbon and alternative solvent drycleaning machines - the Renzacci Nebula 2.0 and KWL Excellence 2.0  range offer the customer the highest specification and flexibility in solvent choice.

With so many of the highest quality drycleaners in the UK choosing Renzacci UK Plc to supply them with their hydrocarbon processing needs, you know you are in safe, experienced hands.

Nebula 2.0 Range

Nebula Range

The Nebula 2.0 range has been up-graded to include the Renzacci i-Touch computer as standard. The i-Touch is the only touch screen computer that enables the customer to quickly and easily adjust and control programmes on the machine to suit the garments being loaded.

The Nebula 2.0 hydrocarbon machine has been designed with the environment in mind. The New DSF (Dynamic Saving Flow) System reduced energy consumption by over 40% and an astounding 70% less water to operate, on average when compared to our competitor’s machines. These savings are made possible by two unique features.  The first is the “Combiclean” system which allows you to clean according to the textile and type of garment. This machine lets you choose the best mode from an almost endless combination of programmes and sub-programmes. This allows you to tailor your cycles to suit your work. This is ultimately kinder to the environment and allows for precision cleaning and flexibility when managing work flows. The second is the fact that the Nebula 2.0 has a multi-progressive filtration and purification system for the solvent. With no still present on this machine, not only does the servicing and maintenance become easier but this also has an impact on energy costs.

We have calculated that the Nebular 2.0 cost just £1 to run per average sized load!

The simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness of this machine is why it is our most popular hydrocarbon machine.

Product Range Capacity (Kg) Number of Tanks
Nebula 2.0 - 30 12 2
Nebula 2.0 - 35 15 2
Nebula 2.0 - 45 18 2

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Excellence 2.0 Range

Exellence Range

Renzacci S.p.A were the first to innovate, research and develop the alternative solvent machine over 25 years ago.

With thousands of units operating in over 120 countries Renzacci’s knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed.  Renzacci have used that expertise to produce the Excellence 2.0. This multi solvent machine combines excellent cleaning quality with user friendliness and reduced maintenance and operating costs.

The excellence range comes in two mount options – Soft and Hard Mounts and come in a large range of sizes. Built to a high specification and with state of the art features, the excellence can offer the customer his own personalised solution with the security of knowing that the machine comes from an excellent pedigree of historical knowledge and successful implementation.

The Excellent 2.0 can work with a wide range of different solvents, including Isoparaffin or Silicone based Hydrocarbon solvents, Green Earth, System K4 or new alternative and natural solvents.

The Excellence 2.0 can boast a range of features as standard including an innovating filtering system with dynamic micro-purification. Tanks with self-cleaning technology available on all models. Global Flow- a fast drying system with total diffusion and multi-combined air flow to high grade stainless steel distillation system which has a low energy consumption due to its self-cleaning action.

The i-Brain touch control computer come as standard on the Excellence 2.0 and is the intelligent core of this innovated machine. The i-Brain allows you to manage, monitor and control the unit and can guide operators, in real time through different programmes reducing the possibility of faults and loss of production time. The large multi graphic digital 3D colour display is easy to use, ultra-resistant and has a high resolution. With the help of the exclusive Autocheck dual drive the i-Brain will also self-diagnose and trouble shoot any possible maintenance issues.

Product Range Capacity (Kg) Number of Tanks
KWL Excellence 2.0 - 30 (Hard Mount) 11/12
KWL Excellence 2.0 - 35 (Soft Mount) 15/17  3
KWL Excellence 2.0 - 35 (Hard Mount) 15/17 2
KWL Excellence 2.0 - 45 (Soft Mount) 18/20 3
KWL Excellence 2.0 - 60 (Soft Mount) 26/27 3
KWL Excellence 2.0 - 90 (Soft Mount) 40/45 3

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