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About Alternative Solvents

With a very high specification and impressive range of feature as standard, Renzacci Hydrocarbon and Multi-solvent machines lead the market. They are built using only the highest quality materials and components and come in a range of load capacities from 7kg (15lb) to 160 kg (352lbs) !

Our machines can be set up to use Hydrocarbon, K4 or other green solvents which offers the high street cleaner flexibility coupled with high safety standards.

They have been designed with the operator and the environment in mind and come with an impressive range of features as standard. With computerised controls at all stages of the process, this ensures that the operator if using the machine in the most efficient way as well as delivering consistent results. This ensures that you benefit from a day to day reliability and lower running costs than with any other machines ion the market.

Can't quite find what you're looking for? Renzacci can build bespoke machinery designed to your exact requirements and business needs. Nothings is too complicated and chances are we have probably built a similar "dream machine" before! Just call the office for further information.

When choosing an alternative solvent machine you have two choices in the type of machine you can buy:

  • Soft mount – This option allows the machine drum to move more - similar to a washing machine, which allows for a higher spin speed and a more efficient solvent extraction process. This results in the machine being cheaper to run.
  • Standard/ridged mount – In this instance the drum is held in one place and although less efficient, it is a cheaper option at the initial investment stage.

Alternative Solvent Machines

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