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Girbau Laundry Equipment

Robustness and durability are well known characteristics of Girbau washer extractors and tumble dryers. With 50 years of experience the prestige and strength of the Girbau washer extractors always give a high quality result. Using the latest technological advances the infinite features allow users to find a particular solution to their requirements.

Washer Extractors

Washer extractors

Girbau have two ranges in washer extractors. The MS 6 series are hard mount washers that reach spin speeds up to 6000rpm. This spin speed is achieved without either noise or vibrations. These machines must be bolted down onto a concrete base or a suitable solid floor. The HS 6 series has the same structural mechanics as the popular 4000 series which has provided such good results. The series does not require any bolting down which facilitates fast and easy installation. The HS 6 series include the most reliable shock absorbers on the market, which allow spin speeds of up to 380G with silence and stability.

ProductsRangeCapacity (Kg)
MS 6 Series MS-610 10
  MS-613 13
  MS-617 17
  MS-623 23
HS 6 Series HS-6008 9
  HS-6013 14
  HS-6017 19
  HS-6023 25
  HS-6040 44
  HS-6057 STAT 63
  HS-6057 TILT 63
  HS-6110 STAT 122
  HS-6110 TILT 122

Product brochure - HS 6 Series

Tumble Dryers

Girbau tumble dryers are design with quality components; easy to use programmable microprocessor controls and a multitude of feature that dramatically increase laundry production and energy efficiency. Properly balanced airflow, heat input and basket volume allows maximum production when matched with Girbau washer extractors. Girbau's Pro- Series II tumble dryers are well known for their durability, are easy to use and maintain and are energy efficient.

ProductsRangeCapacity (Kg)
Pro series II GU025 11
  GU030 13
  GU035 15
  GU050 22
  GU075 34
  GU0120 54
  GU0170 77
  GUT30 2 x 13
  PT8401 16 - 20
  PT8403 16 - 20
  PT8405 16 - 20
  PT8407 16 - 20
  PT8503 20 - 25
  PT8505 20 - 25
  PT8507 20 - 25
  PT8803 32 - 40
  PT8805 32 - 40
  PT8807 32 - 40

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