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Renzacci Laundry Equipment

Standard Spin Washer Extractors

Build to withstand the most punishing operation and demand. The Renzacci LX and LC range of machines are highly reliable and a valuable asset to any business.

Constructed almost entirely from stainless steel the products use the strongest and most hard wearing components and are built to last. They come with the option of either a computer programmer or a card programmer which ensures exceptional versatility, coupled with a large, low loading door and the usual safety devices; they really are the work horse in the industry.

ProductsRangeCapacity (Kg)
Renzacci Washer Extractors LX16 16
  LX22 21
  LX35 35
  LC50 50
  LC70 70
  LC120 120

Product brochure - LX16/22/35

Product brochure - LX55/70/120

High Spin Washer Extractors

The Renzacci HS washer extractor range cater for the most arduous of laundry tasks and offers advance engineering techniques allowing for high stability and lower running costs with the use of the "EcoMix" water temperature control system.

Constructed from stainless steel, this free standing machine has a built in anti-vibration system, with a safe mode if the load become unbalanced. The microprocessor allows complete control and flexibility of use and the drum inverter allows variable spin speeds to allow you to have a multitude of functions at your fingertips.

ProductsRangeCapacity (Kg)
High Spin Extractors HS12 12
  HS16 16
  HS22 22
  HS35 35
  HS55 52

Tumble Dryers

The Renzacci tumble dryers have the ability to maintain efficiency between drying capacity and energy consumption. The outer panelling is coated with epoxidic protective paint which insulates against heat dispersion and is highly resistant to corrosion. With an impressive range of features as standard each size dryer has been carefully researched to ensure that each drum has the correct size and mesh to help air flow around the drum to maximise drying efficiency. The R and RZ range require no ducting for the heat pump.

ProductsRangeCapacity (Kg)
Tumble Dryers D20 9
  D30 15

Product brochure

Hydro Extractors

Renzacci Hydro-Extractors provide the reliable extraction capacity you need and that a busy laundry demands. Constructed from heavy duty materials and complete with full safety features the Renzacci Hydo-Extractors are the perfect accompaniment to equipment like ironing calandars and roller irons.

ProductsRangeCapacity (Kg)
Hydro Extractors G8-10 10
  ZP450 14
  ZP635 20
  SE700 50


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