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Wet Cleaning

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning is the green alternative to traditional dry cleaning processes. The system allows you to wet clean garments and textile that have traditionally been "dry clean only" items. Using specially designed equipment and detergents you can achieve the same outstanding results.

The History

Wet cleaning maybe the current buzz word in the industry, however wet cleaning is not a new process. It was developed in the 1990's with the sole goal to develop a cleaning process that effectively cleaned all garments through a safe and biodegradable detergent process – a process that was truly "green". Renzacci UK provide wet cleaning systems that can boast impressive cost reducing figures for both water and energy consumption. Our Lagoon® wet cleaning system has also been approved by The Woolmark Company since 2004 for cleaning Woolmark garments labelled as dry clean only.

How does wet cleaning work?

The beauty and benefits to the Lagoon® Advanced Care System are numerous. The Lagoon® system uses highly sophisticated washers and dryers to safely clean all articles of clothing that are normally dry cleaned.

Wet cleaning uses water; nature's best cleaning solvent and a safe biodegradable detergent mixture to clean. The biggest advantage of wet cleaning is that it is the most effective way to remove water based stains and odours (which amount to 90% of the normal stains on clothing), rendering clothes not only truly clean, but fresh smelling. The Pony finishing equipment ensures you have the proper tensioning equipment to achieve the perfect finished garments expected by your customers.

Business Opportunities

The Electrolux Lagoon® Advance Care is a versatile system that can generate new revenue streams for an existing business and offer many advantages for new start-ups. The system has been tried and tested and we have customers who have been able to successfully clean items such Ugg boots and designer handbags for premium prices.

One of the beauties of the system is that alongside the Lagoon® Advance Care package you can also use the same system to process the normal laundry items like shirts, duvets and flat work, without the need to invest in additional machinery.

This innovative system offers a speedy processing time, with rapid turnaround, outstanding results and delighted customers. As a new start up you can also differentiate yourself for existing high street competition.

Lagoon® Advance Care is a comprehensive offer which includes consultancy, training, after sales and servicing. Communication materials and window kits are available to enhance the image of every shop.

See for Yourself

At Renzacci UK we have a full Electrolux Lagoon® Advance Care system installed in our showroom and can provide demonstrations and training for all our customers. We hold regular demo days which allow any dry cleaner or launderer the opportunity to test the system for themselves. We have yet to find someone who is not won over and impressed with the system.

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