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Pony 211 - 212 - 213 - 214 - 215 - 217 - VAP Range

The new line of Pony electronic steam boilers are available in different sizes to accommodate 1 to 5 irons. The horizontal design of the boiler allows an easy and fast maintenance. An electronic water level probe ensures proper water level and long life to the heating elements. The “E” versions come with mechanical interlock. Additional extras include motor, pump and water feeding tank, steam spotting gun and caster.

211E and 211B 5lt boiler, 3.3kw , single iron
212 E and 212B 5lt boiler, 3.3kw, 2 irons
213E and 213B 5lt boiler, 6kw, 3 irons
214E and 214B 9lt boiler, 8kw, 4 irons
215E and 215B 9lt boiler, 10kw, 5 irons
217E 5lt boiler, 5kw, ready for connection of 2 all steam irons (irons not included, available by request)
Vaporino 5lt boiler,2kw, 2 junior steam electric irons as standard. Working for approximately 4 hours of operation. Manual water feeding with thermostat to protect heating elements. Steam or steam spotting gun and metal iron rest available.

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