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Pony FVC – TA Range

Pony FVC

These universal ironing tables are an excellent solution for general ironing.  They benefit from all the features of an industrially manufactured table by offering reliability and excellent results but at a highly competitive price.  Solutions include domestic and commercial Ironing services, Launderers, Domestic applications or even Dry Cleaners who require a back up finishing solution or keenly priced additional finishing table.  With live steam from the steam electric iron (all steam iron is available as an option) and a powerful vacuum, all manner of cottons, linens, woolens and general textiles can be expertly finished with the minimum of effort.  Our new model, the FVC-S with hot air blowing from the board further enhances this range and is a consideration for Dry Cleaners who want a professional, compact all-round finishing table at a keen price.

Pony TA Electrically heated vacuum table, for connection to an external steam supply
Pony FVC Electrically heated vacuum table with a built in 5 litre electronic automatic boiler, either 3.3kW or 6kW.
Pony FVC-S Electrically heated vacuum and blowing table, either with built-in 5lt electronic, automatic boiler or for connection to an external steam supply

Available extras include, swinging arm with sleeve ironing shape or spotting shape, steam or steam/air or cold spotting gun. Water spray on iron, or water spray gun with support. Overhead lighting with or without suspension for iron.

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