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Pony Rectangular Tables

Pony SD

Pony have developed a range of rectangular tables for the knitwear and garment industries. Built to a high industrial quality these versatile pieces of equipment come in 3 models with additional extras and options on board sizes.

Pony SC (Superplantine C) Steam and vacuum board, comes either with or without built-in vacuum unit and /or boiler. Standard board 1400 x 800mm. Maxi board 1600 x 850mm.
Pony SD (Superplantine D) Steam and vacuum board with blowing facility on request, Pneumatic operation, even stem and vacuum distribution on the whole board. Built in vacuum as standard. Ready for connection to external steam supply, slopping board as standard. Adjustable height. Board size 1600 x 850mm.
Pony SE (Superplantine E) As SD but with 1800 x 900mm board size. Extras as SD

SC Extras - Steam iron, upper manual frame-sloping board, front and rear curtain holders.

SD and SE Extras - Built-in electric automatic boiler with 15 or 18kW. 3 automatic pre-set cycles. Front and rear curtain holders.

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