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Roller Ironers

Flat work like sheets, bedding and restaurant linen can be a big revenue stream for some businesses. To be able to process these items quickly and efficiently a roller iron is an essential piece of equipment.

Renzacci UK can offer you two manufactures when it comes to roller ironers. We supply machines from both the Renzacci  and GMP.

Renzacci – Mangano KZ Range


Built to the same high standards as you would come to expect from Renzacci products, the KZ range comes in 5 different models and each model is available with variable ironing speeds and covers can be arrange on request. All models come with automatic finger guards, thermoregulation, high ironing pressure and minimum maintenance as standard, plus a whole host of other features.

Product Roller Dimensions (mm)
KZ1000 1000 x 200
KZ1200 1200 x 200
KZ1400 1400 x 300
KZ1630 1600 x 300
KZ2000  2000 x 300

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GMP Range

GMP Range

Renzacci UK offer a comprehensive range of GMP roller ironers and we can help you find the perfect equipment for your business. The GMP roller irons are designed for both small and medium applications up to large application of widths up to 2m. The machines are robust and their reliable construction ensure fast and efficient throughput of items with high quality results. Each machine features and accurate temperature control , while the return feed mechanism and full length foot switch make the equipment east to use.

Product Roller Dimensions (mm)
G12 - 25 1200 x 270
G14 - 25 1450 x 270
G15 - 35 1500 x 325
G18 - 35 1800 x 325
G21 - 35 2100 x 325
GMP 1025 1000 x 250
GMP 1225 1200 x 250
GMP 1425 1400 x 250
GMP 1630 1600 x 300
GMP 2030 2000 x 300

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