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GMP E-Line Series

GMP E-Line

The GMP e-Line series is designed for both small and medium applications and are perfect for hotels, restaurants, commercial and industrial laundries. The machines are robust and their reliable construction ensure fast and efficient throughput of items with high quality results.

The main features of the e-Line series is the high quality chromed steel and aluminium used to ensure longevity and high quality of the equipment plus the double temperature sensors for monitoring the temperature across the whole ironing surface. The double sensors coupled with the newly designed heat protection system also improves the redistribution of heat which cuts energy costs. These features and others such as the patented feeding basin, foot control and patented roll removal system for fast and easy reconditioning makes this a world class piece of equipment. The e.25 models can also be supplied in a single phase option.

ProductMaximum Linen WidthRoller Dimensions
E100.25 1000mm 1000 x 250mm
E120.25 1200mm 1200 x 250mm
E140.25 14000mm 1400 x 250mm
E140.30 1400mm 1400 x 300mm
E160.30 1600mm 1600 x 300mm
E200.30 2000mm 2000 x 300mm

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