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GMP G-Line Series

GMP G-Line

The GMP G-Line series is designed for medium and large commercial applications. The machines are robust and their reliable construction ensure fast and efficient throughput of items with high quality results.

The main features of the G-Line series is the ability to dry and iron at the same time. It can achieve perfect results with items that have up to 50% residual moisture. In real terms that means a quicker processing ability with fantastic results.

The G-Line also features an efficient temperature controls, with reactive sensors and power management that allows the ideal distribution of temperature across the whole surface. The “air blades” steam extraction system, is highly efficient when compared to traditional pipes with round holes. It also limits the amount of lint that reach the motors, thus resulting in less maintenance.

All these features in addition to the standard feature you come to expect on a GMP makes this roller ironer unmatched for finish and performance.

ProductRoller Dimensions
G14.25 1450 x 270mm
G15.35 1480 x 325mm
G18.35 1800 x 325mm
G21.35 2100 x 325mm
G26.35 2580 x 325mm
G21.50 2100 x 500mm
G26.50 2580 x 500mm
G32.50 3200 x 500mm

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