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Shirt laundering can contribute a major revenue stream for most cleaning business. However processing large numbers weekly can have a huge impact on staff time.

Renzacci UK can provide you with the perfect systems to ensure that you produce a perfectly finished article that will speak volumes about your business and which will ensure that you have repeat custom. It will save you time and money and can also enable you to process larger quantities then hand finishing and increase your revenue streams.

If you are processing or plan to process in excess of 200 shirts per week the Pony Angel or the new Pony Eagle systems should be seriously considered. Smaller business with smaller quantities of shirts would benefit from a high quality ironing table that will fulfil all your finishing needs not just for shirts but for all garments.

Our ironing tables come with both a blow and vacuum facility to help you achieve the perfect finish every time. Please click on the links to the right to view our finishing equipment.