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Pony Angel

The Pony Angel is a single buck shirt press that is bursting with features and has been proven to make life tangible easier.

Pony reviewed the current market place and started the development from scratch shelving old perceived ideas and looking directly at producing a shirt finisher that is so easy to use that even an unskilled operator could produce consistently outstanding results. Using 24kilos of steam per hours the Angel is a powerful machine but due to the innovative design the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

It comes with 2 steam heated, Teflon coated finishing bucks to produce the perfect finished shirt in less than 30 seconds. The Teflon coated heads and bucks are easy to wipe clean and to remove starch residue. Pony have ingeniously solved the problem experienced on other branded equipment when crease are created at the bottom of shirt by installing two tensioners which inflate to gently pull the garment taught. Pony have also developed a pneumatic adjustable sleeve tensioning feature that ensures the blown sleeve is not over pressed and presents correctly.  The touch screen computer allows the operator total control over machine functions.

Coupled with the Pony Collar and Cuff Press this work horse can be operated by a single member of staff, who can process 60 shirts an hour to an outstanding finish. It is safe to say that The Pony Angel is unrivialed in specification, reliability and value for money. There is nothing else on the market that can save you time and money like the Angel.

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