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Pony Genus

Pony Genus

The Genus is an electrically heated table with a new design and new technology. Energy consumption and ease of use have been the driving forces in the design of this product.

The Genus comes in 2 options:

  • Vacuum-Blowing - with fixed or adjustable height board
  • Vacuum-Blowing and Steam - this comes with the same options for the height board, but with a large buck to speed up ironing. The unit comes with the provision to add 2 swinging arms for the finishing buck and it is possible to configure the table to "point left" or "point right". A switch can reverse the action of the vacuum and blowing functions of the foot pedals and a steam pedal comes as standard.


  • Genus – S: Vacuum and Blowing
  • Genus – S Plus: Vacuum and Blowing with Height adjustment
  • Genus –SV: Vacuum, Blowing and Steam
  • Genus – SV Plus: Vacuum, Blowing and Steam with Height adjustment

Product brochure

These units come with the option for added extras to ensure you find the perfect table for your needs.