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Pony 403-404 Former

The Pony 403-404 are a range of form finishers that can be used for both shirts and garment finishing. These finishers meet the drycleaning, laundry and hotel industry requirements and allow flexibility in the finishing process. It is possible to achieve excellent finishing quality with generic garments besides shirt, overalls and white coats due to the practical qualities, versatility and upgraded technical features of the units. Easily operated the formers can process wet garments by selecting the correct programme that initiates a powerful fan and high temperature for fast drying or for drycleaned garments a lower temperature is selected.

Standard features on both models are a microprocessor with display which comes with 10 programmes and time settings for steaming - air/steam mix. The ability to hot air dry garments dependant on the residual moisture content of the fabric and the possibility to operate manual cycles. The paddles are flexible and fitted with a special padding to avoid shining on dark textiles, pressure marks and button marks on shirts.

Additional extras are available with both models, which include built in electric boilers, water spray-gun with support, Electric iron for touch ups and a buttoner post and shirt hanger.

Pony 403 Front paddle closing pneumatic devise, with steam heated counter paddle. Manual trolley for the alignment to the shirt and hem, complete with two pneumatic lateral paddles. Pneumatic adjustable clamps for sleeves. Manual neck locking (unlockable)
Pony 404 Pneumatic front paddle closing devise, with steam heated and vacuum counter paddle allowing for easy loading of shirts. The pneumatic trolley for the alignment to the shirt hem allows a faster and accurate dressing, complete with two lateral and one rear pneumatic paddles, pneumatic adjustable clamps for sleeves. Manual neck locking (unlockable)

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