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Pony Formplus – Jacket Former

The Pony Formplus is an easy to use, tensioning form finisher which has been designed to fulfil the demands of the Wet cleaning process.

However this equipment can also be used with a dry cleaning process and produce consistently outstanding results.  It is a pressing system that has vertical tensioning for perfect seam finishing and fabric revitalising. The Formplus is suitable for jackets, coats, raincoats, lumber jackets, leather garments and dresses. It can also be used on many other speciality applications of any fabric and size. The tensioning features are coupled with automatic dummy positioning and a powerful hot air flow to provide a high class finish. Powerful microprocessors allow cycles to be adjusted and saved and it is supplied ready for an external steam supply.

It comes with 10 programmes as standard, which can be customised to suit your particular needs. One of the beauties of the Formplus is that no specialist labour is required to produce excellent results.

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