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Pony MPT–DP2 – Trouser Topper

Again the Pony series of MPT trouser toppers have been developed for fast, high quality processing.  The special frame work and automated cycles allow for a very high hourly output that can handle anything from Jeans and Chino's to the classic Suit trouser. The lateral control console is easy to reach and operate and allows for correct posture for staff operating the equipment.

The MPT – DP2 has been designed for the rigours of the Wet cleaning process but can be used just as effectively with the dry cleaning process. The unit has pneumatic tensioning of the waist, with front paddle and anatomic, heated form with pleat paddles to fix the waist darts and set pleats. These paddles can be excluded during the process when not needed. It also comes with a pneumatic trolley for tensioning the legs with independent, pivoting clamps.

The MPT – DP2 works beautifully with the Pantomaster as a combined system that will provide you with the most efficient processing solution. Or it can be coupled with an ironing table to complete the final, if minor, touch ups by hand, for a truly professional finish.

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