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Pony Pantamaster – Trouser Press

Pony Pantamaster – Trouser Press

The Pantamaster is a press with a horizontal head and buck. It has been specially designed for rapid, flawless pressing of trousers. This compact machine, which can be used by any unskilled worker, can produce outstanding results right from the start. Ergonomically shaped to allow the operator to maintain correct posture the Pantamaster ensures that repetitive movements do impact on your staff, this makes it different to any other similar product on the market.

The Pantamaster has a special waistband locking device, which sets pleats and the semi ridged frame allows the second leg of the trouser to be laid on the buck for pressing. Thanks to its double buck system both legs are pressed at the same time. The head steams, whilst the lower buck has vacuum and up-steam. There is also an option of an air blowing device and steam iron assembly.

Perfectly complemented by the MPT- DP2 these two machines make for the complete trouser pressing system.

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