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Garment Handling 

Renzacci UK only work with the best, and in garment handling that means Metalprogetti. Metalprogetti has been manufacturing hanging garment handling systems since 1980 and with a passion for innovation they work with great energy to provide reliable and effective solutions. Holding 32 patents Metalprogetti uses cutting edge technology to satisfy customer needs all over the world.

For over 30 years Metalprogetti have been providing industrial laundries and dry cleaners with both customised and standard, state of the art solutions. All products are designed to maximise space efficiency and can be structured on multiple levels and attractively blend in with any type of surrounding décor.

Renzacci UK only work with the best, and in garment handling that means Metalprogetti

Metalprogetti offer an extensive range of fully automated computerised, simple, fast and reliable systems that order, sort and organise garments. The systems manage the whole handling process in an independent manner from the deposit of dirty clothes to the pickup of clean ones. Thanks to the flexibility of the systems Metalprogetti are able to meet the needs of a large variety of business sectors and customers including: the fashion industry, textile maintenance, hospital, hotels, cloak rooms and of course laundries and dry cleaners.

The installation of Metalprogetti systems will, without a doubt, increase productivity and can even be used for visual impact as a front of house show stopper. With a wide range of solutions and business expansion opportunities Metalprogetti can add value to your business and open up revenue stream that can make your life easier and your business more attractive.