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Dynamic Wardrobe

Dynamic Wardrobe

The Dynamic Wardrobe is a practical and innovative solution for the luxury home. The Metalprogetti Dynamic Wardrobes offers that touch of class to a traditional wardrobe, and can even double the number of garments which would usually be stored in a built in wardrobe.  It delivers the garment to the end user, making the action of rummaging through hangers a things of the past.

Compared to traditional static closets, this system offers many practical advantages and makes the most of available space, even when the storage are is in inconvenient, awkward or inaccessible location. For the home this takes a practical and elegant leap into the future.

And contrary to what one may think, it is particularly adapted to smaller houses, precisely because space is limited and has to be used in the most rational way possible, including blind corners.

Seasonal change overs are no longer a problem with this system: just make the conveyer rotate and get the right clothes for the new season in a wink! Using special devices made for the purpose, the Dynamic Wardrobe can also be used for storing all sorts of accessories, even those that are not usually hung up, and with an optional application for a tablet such as an iPad, you can even recall clothes by designer, colour, style or size!

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