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Air Quality Monitors – Regulations "What you need to know"

The principal solvents used in the dry cleaning industry are Perchloroethylene (Perc or PCE) and Hydrocarbon. These solvents are classed as a health and safety hazards if leaks and exposure levels are not controlled properly. 

In the United Kingdom, the use of solvents in dry cleaning operations is regulated under the Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations.

COSHH requires employers to: "measure the concentration of hazardous substances in the air breathed in by workers where: there could be serious risks to health if control measures failed or deteriorated; exposure limits might be exceeded; or control measures might not be working properly."

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends: "Controlling employees' exposure to solvent vapour with a monitoring system which automatically sounds an alarm if it detects levels in excess of the of the Long Term Exposure Limit (LTEL), which for Perc has been set at 50 ppm or 345 mg/m3 TWA (HSE series EH40)."

To comply with these directive Renzacci UK highly recommended and advised the installation of an Air Quality Monitor into your business to provide the duty of care to your staff that is expected. Renzacci offer a range of Aeroqual fixed or portable monitors which accurately detect all solvent exposure from both primary and secondary sources.

Aeroqual  Monitors

Aeroqual monitors accurately detect primary and secondary sources of solvent exposure. Aeroqual has extensive experience in developing monitoring solutions for a wide variety of gases and solvents including Perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents. Aeroqual primarily uses Gas Sensitive Semi-Conductor (GSS) sensor technology because it offers higher reliability, quicker response, longer life and wider operating temperatures and sensitivity than traditional heated metal oxide sensors.  A major benefit of Aeroqual's gas sensors is the ability to offer continuous ambient air monitoring and portable leak detection in a single unit.

Our monitors are used to ensure dry cleaners can easily comply with the SED and COSHH as well as local occupational safety and health requirements.

We offer a range of fixed and portable monitors with a wide range of functionality including quantitative data, audible alarms, control outputs for ventilation systems and PC data logging. All products meet CE and FCC standards.

Fixed Monitor


SM70 Fixed monitor, easily upgraded and allows for remote control of external devises such as fans and alarms

Product brochure

Portable Monitors

Series 500 Monitor

Series 200 Monitor Portable, leak detection, high and low audible alarms, simple operation, large easy to read display, continuous ambient monitoring
Series 300 Monitor As series 200 but with min/max/average function
Series 500 Monitor As series 300 but with 8,000 point data logging and PC connection

Product brochure - Series 200

Product brochure - Series 300

Product brochure - Series 500

For further information and advice on choosing the correct monitor for your business, please call the office for free and impartial advice.

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