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Sarah Perkins - The Flat Pack!

Sarah Perkins - The Flat Pack!

Going the extra mile for our customers, comes as second nature for Renzacci UK Plc. When it came to installing a re-conditioned machine into existing dry cleaners in Kensington, it meant trying to fit a rather large machine through a rather small hole.

The answer.... The Flat Pack! The Renzacci engineers dismantled the machine, down almost to component parts to ensure they could fit each piece through the hole cut in the floor of the shop. Each section was then carefully lowed into the basement along with a number of pieces of Pony finishing equipment.

The installation was conducted on a Sunday so that the shop was closed and the front window could be carefully taken out to pass the equipment through into the shop. The Renzacci engineers then went back on the Monday and put the machine back together again in just half a day. The shop was up and running on the Monday and it was business as usual.

Which just goes to show no job is too big or too complicated for the Renzacci Installation team. A job well done boys!

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