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New Business Opportunities

Are you looking to expand or bring in new custom? Are you looking for new ideas for the next step in your laundry or drycleaning business? Or are you simply looking at making what currently works for you more efficient? Then look no further!

Renzacci can offer you a wealth of knowledge and support you in your business development. Take a look at a small sample of business ideas that can have a huge impact on your business.

Just making life easier

If you are rapidly running out of space and your workload is increasing, there are a few solutions to resolve this problem. Renzacci can offer you a business health check to look at you current equipment and processing levels and advise you on the best option for you to maximise your work flow. We have helped some of our clients install conveying system that automatically track and collect individual garments into collection order. This clever system can be installed off the ground or even over a number of floors allowing you to maximise space to the full while at the same time making increasing workloads easier to process and handle. The system allows you to increase your workload and bring in increased revenue.

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Shirt business expansion

Shirt laundering can be big business, especially in cities and business hubs. We have helped numerous clients expand their shirt business by installing a Shirt finishing machine and collar and cuff press. The Pony Angel and CCP can process over 60 shirts an hour with just one operator and is highly recommended if your business is hand pressing 250-300 shirts a week. The reduction in staff time alone will see the return on this investment in a short amount of time and that doesn't take into consideration the additional work you will now be able to process.

We have the Pony Angel and CCP fitted in our showroom in Feltham, and are able to book clients in for demonstrations so that you can see this impressive piece of equipment in full working order.

Click here for Pony Angel and Collar and Cuff Press information

Small additions – big impact

Looking to add a new service but have limited space in your premises? Want to add quality to your existing services. Then the Ozocab may be just the thing you have been looking for. We have supplied our one of a kind Ozocab to a number of dry cleaners and large garment/fashion online businesses in the UK. The Ozocab removes odours from garments and can sanitise items that cannot be washed, for example shoes, bike helmets, theatre costumes and leathers to name but a few. Our customers have been able to process whole container loads of garments from the fashion industry which may have been discarded due to unforeseen contamination and smells permeating the textiles. We also have regular dry cleaners that use the Ozocab as an additional service and can now process items like animal blankets and hospital uniforms as an additional revenue stream the their existing business. The opportunities are endless with the Ozocab. The Ozocab is exclusive to Renzacci UK and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

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The 24h business

Who wants to work 24 hours a day? Nobody! That doesn't mean however that your business has to stop at 5pm. We have a number of solutions that allow for 24h drop off and/or collection of garments, which means your business, not only has an edge over competitors but is convenient for your customers too.

Click here for Battista 24h and click here for Battista Dep

A new location?

Looking to set up in a new area? Looking to capture a new customer base and to expand your business? Are you finding it difficult to find the right premises? If so The Battista Dry Box maybe the perfect solution. The dry box is a self-contained 24h drycleaning and laundry drop off and collect point. It can be transport to the location of your choice and is ideal for locations like large supermarket car parks. It utilises the Battista 24h and Dep in a single unit and as it is fully automated it can be unmanned.

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So if all of the above has not wetted you appetite then please call the office as we will be more than happy to talk you through any of the ranges shown about or even help with creating some new ideas.

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