The UK's Leading Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry & Finishing Equipment Supplier

The UK's Leading Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry & Finishing Equipment Supplier

The universal movement towards more eco-friendly, safer cleaning operations isn’t easy, particularly when your robust, reliable dry cleaning machine has served your business so well for many years. More so, dry cleaning in a solvent-based machine, when used correctly, is still highly effective at removing a lot of stains.

Today, this is still the case for many of our clients.

Paul Buckley, Owner of John Buckley Dry Cleaners, called upon Renzacci UK to replace his 18-year-old dry cleaning machine. Paul was adamant he wanted to remain a solvent-based dry cleaning operation.

The Renzacci Progress 35 4U 17kg capacity dry cleaning machine, running on Perc, was the ideal fit for John Buckley Dry Cleaners.

With energy efficiency being a huge purchasing factor, the system includes an innovative filtering system and stainless steel still, using a dual energy system to lower energy consumption.

It’s incredibly versatile too; the system is available in two different footprints for installation in the smallest of spaces.

For optimum durability, the still condenser is covered with a special anti-corrosion material.

Paul’s new machine was also supplied with both an ecological powder-free filter, as well as a colour bleed filter.

To enable a higher degree of flexibility, two different control panel systems are available for this model of dry cleaning machine, in different screen sizes. Paul opted for the EasyTouch system, which is a touch screen display able, using a cleverly designed visual guide, to control the dry cleaning machine mid-process, diagnose machine faults faster, get instant access to service and support for the machine, and manage machine alerts and warnings. With increased interactivity and operating flexibility, the machine can undertake several important functions, like controlling the processing speed, drying inlet and outlet temperature, and set the number of soap dosing pumps.

“Our new Renzacci machine is absolutely fantastic, very pleased we proceeded with it. And not forgetting the brilliant service from Renzacci UK, from the initial meeting to the installation and training. They took away my old machine hassle-free and the whole project was completed in less than half a day. The engineers were great, I couldn’t be happier with their straightforward, honest and no-nonsense approach to the project.”

Renzacci UK offer extensive dry cleaning range

Renzacci UK offer an extensive range of dry cleaning solutions for the industry, including Perc and Alternative Solvent machines.

With nearly 50 years’ experience providing state-of-the-art dry cleaning solutions, alongside award-winning customer support, we have built a hard-earned reputation as the go-to company for start-ups, existing businesses and expanding organisations looking for great value, exceptional quality and environmentally responsible machines.

What our clients say

"Renzacci have been fantastic. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training has been invaluable. Even now, they are still on hand whenever I need them."

Nic, Love Laundry