The UK's Leading Wet Cleaning, Laundry, Finishing & Dry Cleaning Equipment Supplier

The UK's Leading Wet Cleaning, Laundry, Finishing & Dry Cleaning Equipment Supplier

For many, the pandemic has ignited moments of reflection. How has our business performed up until this point? How can we be more sustainable moving forward? How can we separate ourselves from an increasingly crowded market?

That was certainly the case for Nez Muslu of East Street Dry Cleaners.

Having sold his shop, Nez relocated to a larger facility, closer to the hustle and bustle of the town where he was sure to attract a larger clientele.

Initially, Nez was using a hot plate Sankosha shirt machine, but with the move, Nez saw an opportunity to implement a new, fresher system. “After selling up, I decided for my new business to try a blow system instead of a hot plate” says Nez.

Nez approached us because of our reputation of supplying high quality, reliable and efficient machinery, backed up by good-old-fashioned customer service.

Naturally, for such a major purchase, Nez wanted to thoroughly research all the machinery options and makes available to him, before making a final decision. “After recommending the PONY series, there was no better way to have a complete understanding of the quality, than to actually visit their factory near Milan and witness the units being built and then demonstrated, so that’s exactly what Nez did.” says Jason Alexander, Managing Director at Renzacci UK.

Proven to save up to 30% on energy costs, the PONY Eagle 2.0 operates on a 3-phase electricity supply and air compressor only, with no need for an additional steam generator or complex installation. The system can be supplied with a choice of 3 different buck sizes, allowing for garments from large shirts to small, delicate blouses to be finished. Its ergonomically-designed features allow for a very rapid rate of production and incorporate HARS (Hot Air Recovery System), which enables faster drying times, higher productivity and reduced energy consumption; thus reducing costs. In addition, it boasts a touch screen operating system, automatic shirt tensioning and new sleeves tensioning system, and is height adjustable.

Nez was so impressed by the PONY Eagle 2.0, that he proceeded to place an order there and then, as well as a PONY Collar and Cuff Press and PONY Genus-SV Finishing Table, with Jason.

“Very pleased with my PONY Eagle 2.0 from Renzacci UK” says Nez. “There were so many options available, but with a blow machine, I can process far more shirts in a day. The quality of finish is genuinely the best I have ever seen from any make of machine, and it is incredible how many shirts go from the machine straight to packing, with no touching up.”

Jason adds: “PONY continues to roll out some incredible pieces of equipment, which are very competitive in pricing and incorporate all of the low running costs you would expect, and we’re always really eager to make our clients aware of them.”

Nez continues: “In my eyes, the PONY can do smaller shirts and dark shirts a lot better than on a hot plate, so I will always buy a blow system from now on.”

What our clients say

"Renzacci have been fantastic. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training has been invaluable. Even now, they are still on hand whenever I need them."

Nic, Love Laundry