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The UK's Leading Wet Cleaning, Laundry, Finishing & Dry Cleaning Equipment Supplier

With energy bills expected to soar this winter, implementing some quick and easy changes now to reduce costs will be really beneficial.

Utility bills account for a large proportion of commercial laundry and dry cleaning facilities' operating costs, as large amounts of energy are used to heat and cool water, power appliances and operate lighting.

So, we’ve put together some tips on how dry cleaners and laundries can keep costs low, without impacting productivity or quality.

1) Switch to LED lighting

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a difference to your energy bills is to swap to energy-efficient lighting.

Replacing incandescent lamps with CFLs or LEDs and installing sensors to automatically switch off lights in unoccupied areas, such as bathrooms or storage rooms, will make a big difference.

Photosensor controls can also be added to automatically adjust indoor lighting to the optimum level.

2) Turn things off

A simple change like turning off equipment when it’s not needed, means you can reduce energy use by 25%. Installing timers are a great way to manage this effectively and help reduce costs.

Encouraging employees to turn lights off can save 8-20% of the energy spent on lighting. It could be as simple as putting up reminder signs in the bathrooms!

For equipment that can’t be switched off completely, turning it down to minimum levels will help you save energy.

3) Install energy-saving machines

Offering environmentally-friendly solutions can set you apart from competitors, as well as helping reduce your energy costs.

With Electrolux Professional's Line 6000 range of Wet Cleaning machines, available to order through Renzacci UK, businesses can experience up to 50% water savings. They incorporate an Automatic Savings feature, which adjusts the volume of energy, water and detergents used in line with the weight of the load, helping to keep utility and running costs to a minimum and no wastage.

Electrolux Professional’s tumble dryers offer up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional dryers, with the shortest drying time on the market. Each tumble dryer machine features the Adaptive Fan Control system which adjusts the fan speed automatically, reducing energy costs and drying time.

Tip: Try and always run loads at full capacity throughout the day, as opposed to more loads at half capacity, to save energy, as the finishing process will be more streamlined, meaning you will be able to turn off the finishing equipment earlier to save even more energy.

Renzacci UK has achieved Platinum Partner status with Electrolux Professional through their commitment to providing clients with energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly machines.

Likewise, you could save up to 30% in energy costs with PONY's range of finishing equipment. You are also more likely to attract eco-conscious consumers, who are often willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products and services.

4) Maintenance

Ensuring your equipment is properly maintained will increase overall efficiency, extend the product’s life span, lower operating costs and prevent the need for costly replacement.

You can also request an on-site energy audit to help you target any inefficient areas and save money. The audit would include checking temperatures of water heaters, thermostat calibration and diagnosing any faulty equipment.

5) Control temperature

Some of the most effective ways to reduce heating and cooling loss is to add insulation and seal leaks.

Using a programmable thermostat to control temperature can save up to 10% in energy costs each year.

Speak to our Sustainability team on 020 8579 2661 to discover how much you could save.

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