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Start Ups - Choosing your Machines

Renzacci can offer you a wide range of machines to meet your particular needs. Once you have decided on the chemical method/combination of methods you will be using we can find the right machine to fit your shop space, capacity and budget.

Below are links to the different types of machinery available to you. For new start businesses we can advise you on the right package for your business model.

You can estimate the capacity that you will need by using our handy calculator below.

Alternatively call the office and one of our sales team will talk to you or arrange a meeting to discuss you options.

Tips to choosing the right machine

  • Have a clear understanding about the type of services you will be offering and ensure your equipment fits the bill.
  • You need to think if the machine can process most if not all of your work.
  • Can the machine control solvent temperatures, drum action and spin speeds etc.
  • Buying your equipment in a bundle will work out cheaper than adding extras on at a later date. Be sure that your bundle has all the features that you need.
  • Ask for equipment specifications and work out your utility running costs. With ever increasing energy bills, running cost are playing a more important part in the initial purchasing decision.
  • Ask about service support. Look for a long standing company that will be around to offer you sound, experienced advice on your installation, not just at initial purchase, but that they will be looking after you in the future too.
  • Can your supplier provide you with testimonials from contented customers and/or can offer you finance options.
  • It is always a good idea to find out what is included in your warranty and to get an understanding of the call out policy, annual servicing charges and expected wait times for emergency call outs.

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