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Start Ups - Shop and Site

We will also provide you with all the technical CAD drawings to ensure the layout and plan of your shop is both efficient and practical

Advice on choosing the right shop site with a full CAD drawing service to ensure your shop is planned out to be most effective.

When you find your premises, Renzacci UK can not only advise you on all practical elements like size and mains utility requirements, but we will also provide you with all the technical CAD drawings to ensure the layout and plan of your shop is both efficient and practical. By supporting you from the start of your project we can help ensure common pitfalls are avoided, thus reducing possible unnecessary costs and stress. For complete peace of mind, Renzacci UK carry out a full site survey and report in detail any necessary work required from your builder. We provide a detailed installation procedure for your chosen premises, whether the installation is contracted to us or elsewhere. This report will save you money and reduce installation costs.

Additional elements to consider:

Additional site expenses - Renzacci UK are happy to help you find the perfect location and will help you evaluate your proposed premises. Commonly additional cost can be incurred if your location is, for example, installed over several floors or is above a cellar. The additional building works required to install extra piping or a concrete plinth will increase your start-up costs.

3 – Phase electricity supply:

All drycleaning, wet cleaning and industrial laundry machinery work on a 3-phase electricity supply. Try to ensure that your new premises has this level of supply already available. If not we can help you to apply to have it installed, but we recommend that a quote is obtained before you sign or take out a lease or freehold. Renzacci UK has experience in this area and can connect you to the right contacts or even complete the application for you!

Floor construction:

All drycleaning machines and large industrial equipment need solid flooring to ensure they are fixed down well, provide the safest platform and do not move. We recommend that our customers seriously consider the flooring in their new premises as it can be huge issue if the floor is just floor boards or is above a cellar for example. Solid concrete bases are required or at the very least the ability to install one. We can advise you on this element before you sign any leases.

Shop Access:

As is the case with many high streets, town and city settings these days, parking can be a real issue. However there are two elements that we encourage our clients to consider when choosing a site.

Firstly is machinery access. The machines that will be installed will be quite large and if access is restricted due to parking restrictions or physical barriers this will have implications to your shop installation. Having said that Renzacci can overcome most issues and have the know-how to work with local authorities regarding parking and have even stripped down machines so they come almost flat packed to get through doors and openings in floors. However the time involved is something to be considered and avoided where possible.

Customer parking is the other element to think about. Easy drop off and collection access will make your shop convenient and highly attractive to customers, which will possibly give you an edge over competitors. Viewing the site at different times of the day will give you a good insight into the level of passing traffic and ease of parking.

Machinery Layout:

Our vast experience in the industry will unsure your shop will not only have the right equipment for your business but that the equipment is placed in such a way to maximise work flows and provides you with a time saving and efficient work practice. Our highly experienced sales team will be able to provide you with a full CAD drawing which will help you visualise how your finished shop will look and work. These drawings can be shared with your construction team and can provide the blueprint for any building work being carried out.

Delivery and Installation:

Delivery and installation of your machinery could costs anywhere from £2,500 to £6,000 (for a typical new outlet) depending on the location and the amount of equipment being installed. Renzacci UK have a team of highly experienced engineers and installation teams who can give you a comprehensive and professional service. We only use qualified team members who are very experienced and who have a long standing reputation within our industry. We expect the best level of service for our customers therefore we only use the best people to provide that service!

Retail space:

Visual impact is a huge element to your business and is something we can help you with. This can start from the exterior and branding of your business to the customer facing shop section to your premises. We have years of experience in helping customers build their businesses and all this information is "on tap" at Renzacci UK.

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