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Service Packages and Warranties

Aftercare, warranties, service contracts, tailor made services

All of our machinery comes with an industry standard manufacturer warranty of 1 year. That means that if your equipment for some reason fails within the first year then we will send out a fully qualified engineer to your premises to get you up and running as soon as possible. Our engineers carry over 600 parts with them to each visit, so 99% of the time they are able to fix a problem without the need for a return visit. However our warehouse is a treasure trove and stores a further 1800 spare parts, so if we have an idea of the issue you are having we can stock the van with the right parts from our warehouse to ensure we get it right for you. Where possible we also stock used parts for older machines. That way not only do we offer a valuable service to our customers but we help the environment by re-using good quality parts that would otherwise be scrapped.

So what is available to you after the end of your warranty? Well at Renzacci we offer all our customer's individually tailor made service packages. We believe that a 'one size fits all' approach does not work. Especially as we deal with such a broad spectrum of businesses. We offer our customers two options, but then each option is negotiated depending of the type and amount of equipment that you have.

  • The Service Contract - This package covers 2 (6 monthly) services to your machine, whether it is a drycleaning machine or table press. Fully trained engineers will come and give your machine a complete health check to ensure it is in tip top condition. This includes descaling and cleaning out stills and filters. This does include you call out fee but does not include the price of any spare parts that may be needed. The engineer will always quote you a price for spare parts before fitting them. Plus a free telephone advice service.

  • The Maintenance Contract - Is a fully comprehensive service which includes 2 (6 monthly) services, any on-going maintenance, call out fees and all spare parts. Plus a free telephone advice service.

Renzacci will never leave a customer high and dry. Even if you do not have either a service or maintenance contract with us but experience a problem we will always endeavour to help you out.

We offer a FREE telephone advice service to anyone in the cleaning and laundering industry. Our highly knowledgeable technical manager and engineers can often talk you though and help you fix your own problem without the need to make call-out. What's more if you have purchased your equipment through us we keep all your details on our database so we can track down serial numbers and manufacture specific information at the touch of a button.

We provide a next day parts delivery if an order is made to the office before 4pm. The goods will be with you by 1pm the very next day! If we don't have your particular part in stock we will do everything we can to ensure that it is dispatched to you with minimum delay and can even arrange for some items to be delivery straight to your door step directly for the factory by the following day.