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Jeremy Jones, Chief Engineer

Jeremy Jones

Jerry joined Renzacci in 2002 after having owned his own laundry and Dry Cleaning businesses for 21 years, during which time he worked on small commercial equipment right up to the largest industrial laundry machines. Having always done his own servicing and maintenance he decided to sell up and move on.

Jerry's natural curiosity for understanding how things work and his passion for taking things apart and putting them back together again, is a skill set which naturally lends itself to engineering. Working for Renzacci UK as the chief engineer and demonstrating his vast knowledge of cleaning machinery was a natural progression and many customers have benefited from his expertise and skill.

Random information – Jerry has 3 grown up sons and 2 grandchildren. As a young man he was a keen Scuba Diver and liked most thrill water sports. Jerry is now contented with his Masonic interests and building replica model sailing ships, but is always up for anything a bit mad. Likes curry and lager, dislikes soap operas.

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