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Cutting-edge garment handling technology

Garment Handling


Metalprogetti offer an extensive range of fully automated computerised, simple, fast and reliable systems that order, sort and organise garments. The systems manage the whole handling process in an independent manner from the deposit of dirty clothes to the pickup of clean ones.


Dispatch Conveyor

The Dispatch Conveyor is an easy and speedy hanging garment order picking system to assemble orders for delivery to stores or for home delivery. It increases performance while offering flexibility in the arrangement of orders. The space available is used in the most rational way.

Automatic Assembly Conveyor

The garment order assembly conveyers were created to solve one of the most complex problems facing cleaners and laundry businesses: identifying and ordering the customers garments before returning them. During the various treatment processes, garments are inevitably mixed together and processing times vary based on the garment fabric and type. A time consuming problem requires considerable manpower.

Sorting System

System for conveying and distributing, in an orderly and speedy manner, the garments after the cleaning phase to different work stations. Some of this Garment Sorting System's advantages: it regulates the work flow, increases productivity, work and service quality. It also helps reduce labour costs and optimize spaces.

Sorter Module

The Sorter Module is an efficient automated garment picking system for laundries that consists of a conveyor with an automatic loading and unloading device. The system's operating software allows users to arrange hanging garments any way they choose.

7200H Sorting System

The 7200H Garment Sorting System is the ideal solution for industrial laundry services and uniform rental businesses. This device conveys and sorts large quantities of hanging garments in a fast and orderly manner.  Rapid, reliable and easy to use: these are the main features of the 7200H Garment Sorting System that rationalizes every operation.


The Standard, London

The Standard’s brand new 5-star hotel installed a new best-in-class, state-of-the-art uniform conveyor.

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