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The UK's Leading Wet Cleaning, Laundry, Finishing & Dry Cleaning Equipment Supplier

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Renzacci UK can provide you with the perfect systems to ensure that you produce a perfectly finished article that will speak volumes about your business and which will ensure that you have repeat custom. It will save you time and money and can also enable you to process larger quantities then hand finishing and increase your revenue streams.


Pony Angel

The Pony Angel is a single buck shirt press that is bursting with features and has been proven to make life tangible easier. Using 24kilos of steam per hours the Angel is a powerful machine but due to the innovative design the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

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Pony Eagle

The Eagle shirt finisher comes with cutting edge technology of a patented Hot Air Recovery system (HARs). This system re-cycles the escaping hot air by using a strong vacuum to suck up and reuse the hot steam and air, thus reducing your energy costs.

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Pony CCP

The perfect accompaniment to ensure the highest productivity the equipment will save you both time and money. The shirt finisher and the CCP together can be operated by a single member of staff who can process approximately 60 shirts an hour!

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Pony Genus

The Genus is an electrically heated table with a new design and new technology. Energy consumption and ease of use have been the driving forces in the design of this product.

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Pony Silver

The Silver is a utility finishing table and come in 3 models. It comes with the 3 board size options and is set to "point right". The blow facility allows the garments to dry faster and the vacuum reduces the movement of the garment considerably. Ergonomic solutions, such as iron suspension maximise production and reduces operator fatigue.

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Pony FVC

These universal ironing tables are an excellent solution for general ironing. They benefit from all the features of an industrially manufactured table by offering reliability and excellent results but at a highly competitive price. Solutions include domestic and commercial Ironing services, Launderers, Domestic applications or even Dry Cleaners who require a back up finishing solution or keenly priced additional finishing table.

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Pony MG-321 Formers

The MG-321 is an economical system ideally suited for the Drycleaner or launderer who wants to process small quantities of wet or dry shirts with a professional finish. The MG-321 can process 20 shirts an hour. It can also finish jackets, raincoats and outerwear up to 80 pieces per hour.

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Pony 403-404 Former

The Pony 403-404 are a range of form finishers that can be used for both shirts and garment finishing. These finishers meet the drycleaning, laundry and hotel industry requirements and allow flexibility in the finishing process.

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See the Pony Eagle 2.0 in Action

Take a look at the Pony Eagle 2.0 in action at a dry cleaning plant in Italy.

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