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The perfect trouser crease... often the sign of a high quality professional dry cleaner. Get it wrong and you run the risk of customers not coming back. We at Renzacci can help you find the right equipment so you get it right for your customers every time. Our comprehensive range of Pony finishing equipment can help you achieve outstanding results with little effort.


Pony Genus

The Genus is an electrically heated table with a new design and new technology. Energy consumption and ease of use have been the driving forces in the design of this product.

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Pony Silver

The Silver is a utility finishing table and come in 3 models. It comes with the 3 board size options and is set to "point right". The blow facility allows the garments to dry faster and the vacuum reduces the movement of the garment considerably. Ergonomic solutions, such as iron suspension maximise production and reduces operator fatigue.

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Pony MP - MPT

The Pony series of MPT trouser toppers have been developed for fast, high quality processing. The special frame work and automated cycles allow for a very high hourly output that can handle anything from Jeans and Chino's to the classic Suit trouser.

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Pony Pantamaster

The Pantamaster is a press with a horizontal head and buck. It has been specially designed for rapid, flawless pressing of trousers. This compact machine, which can be used by any unskilled worker, can produce outstanding results right from the start.

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Pony Cosmos-E

The Cosmos-E is a revolving finishing cabinet with former. It provides excellent finishing quality for jackets, coats, dresses and comes with a topper shape for trouser and skirts.

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Wigmore Organic Dry Cleaner & Laundry

Watch our video of an installation at Wigmore Organic Dry Cleaner & Laundry.


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