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Progress 4U Range

The Progress 4U range come with the Renzacci i-Touch computer as standard. The i-Touch is the only touch screen computer that enables the customer to quickly and easily adjust and control programmes on the machine with reliability and durability.



The Progress 4U range of machines although built to the same high manufacturing standard does not have the same level of specification as the Progress Xtreme range. The Progress 4U range includes an innovative filtering system and stainless steel still using a dual energy system to lower energy consumption.


The still condenser is covered with a special anti-corrosion material for durability and the machine still comes with all the standard feature you would expect of a quality dry cleaning machine.

Simple installation

The Progress 4U range come in two different foot prints to help with installation into different shop spaces. The "Club" range is the standard slim configuration, with the wide option also available.


Product Range
Capacity (Kg)
Number of Tanks
Progress 4U - 20 Club 8/10 2
Progress 4U - 20 Wide 8/10 2
Progress 4U - 30 Club 11/12 2
Progress 4U - 30 Wide 11/12 2
Progress 4U - 35 Club 15/17 2
Progress 4U - 35 Wide 15/17 2


Wigmore Organic Dry Cleaner & Laundry

Watch our video of an installation at Wigmore Organic Dry Cleaner & Laundry.


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