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Commercial Washing Machines

Electrolux’s Line 6000 washing machines are a valuable and essential asset to any laundry. Up to 50% water savings, easy-to-use control systems, wide door opening for quick changeover and extremely fast processing times are just some of the benefits associated with Electrolux’s washing machines.

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An interface you've never seen before

Available only in the new Line 6000 commercial washers, the new ClarusVibe control. It guarantees a unique and intuitive experience with a smooth interaction. Providing a smart and effortless way to manage the wash process.

User-friendly manual dosing

Thanks to the easy access of the front-mounted dispenser, you can clearly see all the six compartments.

Each compartment is dedicated to a precise type of chemical: it is suitable for either powder or liquid detergent, with a dedicated bleach compartment.

The coloured dispenser shows you what to pour where, for the best washing results.

Easy and green automatic dosing

The Intelligent Dosing feature adds automatically the precise amount of detergent according to the weight of the load. Thanks to this automatic dosing feature the right amount of detergent, softner and chemicals will be automatically dosed. This then avoids any waste and provides the best results.

The power of the tower

Maximize the space in small areas with Electrolux Professional stackable washers and dryers. Discover the perfect couple, made up by full-featured professional appliances in a compact size. With its smaller footprint, the washer and dryer tower fits into challenging spaces and leave you room to install more equipment.

As a couple, the efficiency is multiplied for unbeatable productivity and savings. You will be able to wash and dry 60 kg per day in less than 0.4 m2.

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Introducing Line 6000

Line 6000 will save you money, anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations. Electrolux's intensive research and cutting-edge product development have led to an ergonomic line of washers and dryers that ensures effortless operation and exceptional savings.

Integrated savings

With Integrated Savings measuring and showing the load in real time, you can avoid overloading and underloading, for optimized productivity.

Automatic savings

Automatic Savings weighs the linens and adjusts the water intake to the actual load. This saves water, energy and money at anything less than full loads.

Detergent dispenser

The dispenser has 6 colour-coded compartments that show you exactly what to pour where.

Intelligent dosing

With the Intelligent Dosing feature, the precise amount of detergent will be added automatically according to the weight of the load.

Power balance

Extraction sequence perfectly balanced, for maximum dewatering and lowest moisture retention to save you time and money in the drying process.

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