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Professional dry and wet cleaners, work hard at spotting, cleaning and finishing their garments to ensure they have the perfectly finished item to hand back to their customers. Bagging equipment has become a staple and essential piece of equipment for all garment handling professionals and as such Renzacci UK have partnered with Hawo to provide our customers the highest quality packaging solutions on the market.

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No matter what is being wrapped the requirements are generally the same. The equipment needs to be reliable, easy and quick to use and keep the garments free from dust.

Hawo is a German based company who are market leaders in the manufacture of packaging systems and who put innovation and high quality standards at the core of their business. They have won countless awards for quality and design and can provide our customers the best solutions for their cleaning and laundering businesses.

The Hawo products come in many different configurations from wall mounted devices, floor standing units, with or without floor welding attachments. They have products for extremely wide articles and small units for counter tops. For large quantities of items they also offer a pneumatic switch for automated bagging. Something to suit just about every need!


HP 500 TM Small counter top unit
HP 630 Floor standing, with pulse separation seam shoulder- shape
HP 630 KST Floor standing, with adjustable height for agronomical operation
HP 630 KW Compact wall mounted unit
HP 630 KST-BS Same feature as KST but with additional floor welding unit
HP 700 A basic unit for extremely wide articles
HP 630 KST - P Pneumatic switching floor standing device
HP 630 KW - P Pneumatic wall mounted unit
HP 630 KST - P - BS Same features as HP 630 KST – P but with additional floor welding unit
HP 630 WS L- sealer used mainly for bagging flat work


The Standard, London

The Standard’s brand new 5-star hotel installed a new best-in-class, state-of-the-art uniform conveyor.

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