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Company Info:

Business: Alana’s Laundry Basket

Business started: February 2018

Services: Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry Pickup, Pressing Service and more.

Geographic coverage: Cumbria



Alana’s Laundry Basket was started in February 2018 by owner, Alan. After deciding to take the plunge and open a dry cleaning business in Cockermouth, Cumbria, Alan searched the web to explore the range of services he could offer to generate the revenue he needed to make his business a success.

Alan came across Renzacci UK and was introduced to the concept of Wet Cleaning and all the environmental and financial benefits it offers. Wet Cleaning was a new concept to Alan, so he was eager to find out more and contacted Renzacci UK the same day.


The Solution:

Having approached Renzacci UK for more information, Business Development Manager, Bob Baker, invited Alan down to Renzacci UK’s fully-equipped, state-of-the-art working showroom, to explore the range of dry cleaning, wet cleaning and finishing machines first hand. 

With over 20 years in the industry, Bob was ideally placed to walk Alan through the environmental and cost-saving benefits of Wet Cleaning as a potential service offering for his business. After careful consideration, drawn to the value, environmentally-friendly and flexible nature of Electrolux’s Lagoon wet cleaning solution, alongside Pony’s best-in-class finishing equipment, Alan agreed to proceed with Bob’s recommendation. 

The next step was for Bob to visit Alana’s Laundry Basket in Cumbria to undertake a full site survey and design a layout that would make best use of the space, whilst accommodating the equipment.

The professional Wet Cleaning solution provided by Renzacci UK included:

  • 2 x Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System
  • 1 x Pony Garmet Former
  • 1 x Pony Trouser Topper
  • 1 x Pony Vaccum/Blowing/Steaming Table
  • 1 x Pony Spotting Table
  • 1 x Pony Electric Steam Boiler
  • 1 x Hawo Polybagger

Once the equipment was installed, Technical Sales & Training Consultant,  Michael Michael, was on hand, as one of the UK’s leading Lagoon system wet cleaning trainers, to deliver comprehensive ongoing training, to ensure Alana’s Laundry Basket make best use of their machines and equipment.


The Outcome:

“We managed the installation from start to finish and it was a pleasure to work with Alana’s Laundry Basket. They’re benefiting from the cost-savings and additional revenue streams through our Wet Cleaning solution, which is invaluable for any start up. We wish them all the best in the future.” Bob said.


To find out more about Wet Cleaning and whether it is right for your business, contact Renzacci UK on 020 8579 2661 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What our clients say

"Renzacci have been fantastic. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training has been invaluable. Even now, they are still on hand whenever I need them."

Nic, Love Laundry