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Existing Renzacci UK customer, 2Hr Smart Clean, was looking to replace their old Renzacci Perc dry cleaning machine, due to it approaching the end of its working life.

Shop owner, Atique Qureshi, was very much open to suggestions with regards to its replacement – whether it be another Perc machine or eco-friendly alternative, Wet Cleaning.

Intrigued by the environmental credentials and longer-term cost savings associated with Wet Cleaning, Atique was keen to find out more before making a final decision.


Atique was invited down to Renzacci UK’s showroom and testing facility in Feltham to meet Technical Sales Manager and Master Lagooner, Michael J Michael, to trial the system. Being a highly experienced dry cleaner, like many, Atique was sceptical about Wet Cleaning – shrinkage, finishing processes and stain removal being his biggest concerns.

After trialling some of his own garments, comprising of different fabrics with various stains on, Atique was utterly convinced about the Wet Cleaning process – the system's ability to clean the most delicate of garments, its quicker processing time and the capacity to do both dry cleaning and laundry in the same machine left him pleasantly surprised.

Michael also stressed that the system, which is incredibly compact in size and negates the need for additional machinery for the various cleaning stages, would free him up space in the shop, improve working conditions and double his existing processing capacity.

Delighted with the results from the demonstration, Atique proceeded with a Electrolux Professional W5180H Lagoon Washer and TD6-20  Lagoon Dryer, alongside PONY’s best-in-class finishing equipment – Angel & CCP, Formplus Jacket Former and MPT-D Trouser Former.

To accommodate Atique’s new equipment, Renzacci UK designed a new shop layout to optimise space. Now, the equipment is located at the back of the shop, allowing for a friendly, welcoming reception area at the front.


“It’s been 1 year since installing my new Wet Cleaning machine and I’ve not once looked back. I have:

  • Increased space in my shop, thanks to its compact size and revised shop layout
  • Not experienced a single colour run, which with my old dry cleaning machine was every other load
  • Increased capacity, as the system is twice as fast compared to my old dry cleaning machine
  • Noticed a remarkable difference in the cleaning quality – not a stain left in sight
  • No need to maintain the machine
  • No requirement for stilling out and paying for disposing of waste
  • Been able to process all fabrics and colours without fear
  • 90% less spotting
  • Lower running costs; with my dry cleaning machine, my electric costs for all equipment was in excess of £600/m, now it’s only £90/m”

“We’ve completely moved away from solvent-based dry cleaning, which is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Atique Qureshi – Owner

Keen to swap your old dry cleaning machine for a more cost-effective, profitable alternative? Choose Wet Cleaning. Contact the Renzacci UK team on 020 8579 2661.

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"Renzacci have been fantastic. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training has been invaluable. Even now, they are still on hand whenever I need them."

Nic, Love Laundry