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Palace Laundry, a well-established laundry and dry cleaner in Fulham, London, have recently implemented a full wet cleaning solution into their facility, supplied and installed by the UK’s most experienced wet cleaning supplier and distributor, Renzacci UK.

The introduction of a wet cleaning solution was the final step in a multi-stage refurbishment of their dry cleaning department. Palace Laundry were looking to achieve three objectives from the project. One, to be able to offer an environmentally-friendly laundry service to their clients. Two, they wanted a flexible solution that would increase the speed of production and expand the range of garments they could process and finish to a high standard. Three, they wanted to improve their bottom line profitability.

Having visited their facility to undertake a full site survey, Renzacci UK’s Managing Director, Jason Alexander, recommended the Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System, based on its environmental and revenue-generation benefits, along with Pony’s best-in-class finishing equipment.

The Electrolux W5240H Lagoon Washer and Electrolux T5550 Lagoon Dryer were installed into their facility, replacing an old hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine. Palace Laundry also proceeded with a Pony Formplus-S Jacket Former and a Pony MPT-D Trouser Topper to complete their laundry set up.

Following the installation, Renzacci UK delivered comprehensive training to ensure staff members were fully-informed about the machine functions and confident using them.

Palace Laundry General Manager, Sheryl Reynolds, is delighted with the outcome. It was taking over 1 hour to process an 18kg load of dry cleaning in their old hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine, amounting to a total of 8-9 hours per day in total. With the introduction of the new Lagoon Advanced Care System, this figure has now been halved to approximately 4-5 hours per day, saving time and money, whilst delivering enhanced turnaround times for their customers.

Sheryl comments; “This has been a true revolution.  We were told that the wet cleaning system would be a superb replacement for our old hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine, but this has been a game changer.  Environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, easy to operate and hugely increased production have delivered a perfect solution for us. The training that Renzacci UK provided my staff with was comprehensive, but more importantly, professionally carried out.  The staff and I are delighted with the results.” 

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"Renzacci have been fantastic. The engineers were amazing and Michael’s training has been invaluable. Even now, they are still on hand whenever I need them."

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